Dear all,

Thank you for coming to The Annual Republic Ball this past Saturday. Your participation and enthusiasm made our celebration of 91st anniversary of Republic of Turkey very special.

We opened the night with a cocktail hour where we met new acquaintances and greeted our friends. Bulent and Suat Guitar duo performance during the cocktail hour was an absolute delight. Many new faces joined us, including Esra and Senay who came all the way from Forth Worth, Texas. They were the stars off the ball! We also had Reg Currier, of course, who is always joy to have our events. Jason Williams, our always supportive volunteer and past president of ATA, again came really early to give us a hand. Our great friend, Bengisu Abramsky Photography, was there to capture the special memories with our friends.

Jay Karahan started the event singing both the Turkish and American national anthems. It was a very proud moment for all of us. I got a huge thank you all for joining us for the night. The new Consul General of Turkey, Ferhat Alkan, condemned the attack on our soldiers in his speech and spoke about the meaning of Ataturk in the context of The Republic of Turkey. He and his lovely wife Ozlem were wonderful additions to our event with their smiling faces and warm demeanor.

While we shared mixed feelings in the midst of joyful celebration regarding the tragedy of our fallen soldiers, Requel Cepeda began singing. We all fell silent and started to feel the joy and emotions again in her beautiful voice. When she broke into "Besame Mucho" , we were already back to feeling wonderful memories in our past. Her talent impressed all of us.

We continued the night with Raffle drawings while enjoying dinner, listening to music and conversing enthusiastically. A huge thank you to all those who collected the raffle items: Asli, Sariye, Ceren, Yesim, and many others.

We had a chance to see Ozlem&Fuad and Friends of Tango's magnificent performance with Turkish tango music pieces. It was superb.

When DJ Volkan dove into his music program, there wasn't a single person sitting down! One of the great joys in life can be found dancing together, holding hands for halay; singing our national marches. Our ball ended with "Memleketim": The land we will never stop loving and caring for.

Our MC Ebru managed the whole event flawlessly, and Erdal who suggested the Red Oak Ballroom for the event was on hand to help her with organization of the entire evening along with another ATA member Jeanne. Emre, who worked tirelessly while organizing this event, left with all the equipment close to midnight with his never fading smile.

Our dear students worked tirelessly all night to help with check-in, raffle tickets and anything they could find to take on in addition. Sinem, Mumine, Burak were our stars and new members of our community. A big, warm welcome from us all.

It was wonderful to see everyone gathering around this meaningful celebration. We look forward to seeing you all again at next year's even more spectacular celebration, with an even bigger crowd!

The Red Oak Ballroom center hosted the event without a flaw. Kim Barnett and banquets manager Alex were absolutely the best. We express our gratitude to them as well.

This was a great year from beginning to an end, and I've had the time of my life while volunteering for ATA. Thank you all again so much for your outpouring of support. ATA is becoming stronger because of you.

Warm Regards,

Ebru Erdini




We have announced this year's special members and ball sponsors. We were fortunate to have many this year. Please see more information for membership categories at

Republic Ball Sponsorships:


  • Zeynep- Baris Bildaci - Silver Sponsor
  • Jay Karahan - Silver Sponsor
  • Tayfun-Christina Karakoc - Silver Sponsor
  • Ilhan-Isik Sener - Silver Sponsor and sponsor for one student
  • Efsu-Baha Tanju - Silver Sponsor
  • Ahmet Serhat Kalayci - Sponsor for one student
  • Dr. Cenk Ozdogan - Sponsor for one student
  • Erdal Sipahi - Sponsor for one student


2014 Special Membership Categories


  • Erhan Uskup - Life Time Member
  • Damla Karsan - Founding Member
  • Derya-Unal Baysal - Sustaining Member
  • Suur Biliciler-Efe Ustundag - Sustaining member
  • Gurur-Ali Denktas - Sustaining Member
  • Yildiz Lee - Sustaining Member
  • Erdal-Selmin Sipahi -Sustaining Memeber
  • Bengisu-Ruben Abramsky-Contributing member
  • Gulten-Randy Burdett - Contributing member
  • Onur Coskun - Contributing member
  • Bulent Dogan - Contributing member
  • Jay Karahan - Contributing member
  • Dr. Tanju Obut - Contributing member
  • Mehmet Fatih Okcu - Contributing member
  • Nihat Ovutmen - Contributing member
  • Sevil Yaman-Haluk Noyin – Contributing member
  • Belkis Topcuoglu - Contributing member










American Turkish association of Houston cordially invites you to join us in celebration of the 91st anniversary of the Republic of Turkey with our annual Turkish Republic Ball. This year it will be held at the Red Oak Ballroom located at City Center in Houston. Ferhat alkan, the honorable consul general of the republic of turkey and his wife Ozlem alkan are joining us for this special event. You will get a chance to meet them at this most meaningful event of the year. He will be addressing our guest with his speech during the program. Honorable Judge Jay karahan will be singing Turkish and American anthems in the honor of both countries

Please reserve your seats today at until October 21, midnight.  Entire benefit of the ball will go to ATA Houston general funds to excel our contribution to Turkish-American community.

Admission:  $100 per person

Date and Time: Saturday October 25, 2014

Dress Code: Formal Men-Suit and ties, Ladies-Cocktail attire

Reception:  6:00 p.m. followed by dinner




Reception Menu: Butler Passed Appetizers

  • Mini Beef Wellington
  • Skanopita Triangles
  • Chicken Satay Skewers
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls

Dinner Menu:

  • Fresh Cut Chicken (Lemon and Pepper Picatta), with snap peas w/garlic julienne carrots and wild rice-orzo pilaf
  • Served with fresh field green salad, assortment dinner rolls and iced tea
  • Desert Table (Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake, Baklava and Fresh Fruit)
  • Coffee/Hot Tea

*The new consul general Ferhat Alkan and his team are donating the baklava.




Reception: Guitar Duo by Suat Karabocek and Bulent Sengul

Dinner: Raquel Cepeda, Fuad-Ozlem and friends of tango, DJ Volkan

Photography: Bengisu Abramsky Photography will be available to picture your wonderful moments of the event. You can purchase these later from her website



Childcare will be provided for the children over 2 years old during the event. The cost will be $15 per child.
Cash bar will be available with various types of drinks.

We look forward to seeing you there!









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